Meeting Request Form (Text Only)

This page provides the text of our Meeting Request Form for those who cannot access Google Forms. Please copy the questions below into an email and send it with your responses to

Office of Space Commerce Meeting Request Form

Please use this form to request a meeting with the Department of Commerce’s Office of Space Commerce (OSC).

Do not submit proprietary information into this form. This form will solely be used to schedule and coordinate meetings with the Office of Space Commerce.

If you have additional details/materials to submit, or questions/feedback about this form, please email, noting the date of your submission.


Name of organization/entity:

Point of contact for meeting request (name & phone number):

Anticipated participants (names, titles, emails):

Are you requesting to meet specific OSC personnel?
☐ Richard DalBello, Director
☐ Janice Starzyk, Deputy Director
☐ Jason Kim, Chief of Staff
☐ Gabriel Swiney, Policy, Advocacy, and International Division Director
☐ Sandy Magnus, TraCSS Chief Engineer
☐ Other

Discussion topic area(s):
☐ “Meet & Greet”
☐ Space Situational Awareness/Traffic Coordination System for Space (TraCSS)
☐ Domestic Policy
☐ Regulatory
☐ International
☐ Other

Specific discussion topics/request:

Proposed dates/times (45 min max):

Virtual or in-person?
☐ Virtual
☐ In-person at the Commerce Dept. in D.C.
☐ Either of the above
☐ In-person at a conference, company site, etc.