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Video Updates

Overview of TraCSS Program Goals, Plans, and Milestones
Basic Services to be Provided by TraCSS
OSC Director Richard DalBello on global SSA coordination, TraCSS, and international collaboration on space safety and sustainability

Listening Sessions

07/09/2024Proposed User Agreement & Data Sharing Policy
05/02/2024Space Data Standards and Formats – Orbit Comprehensive Message (OCM)
04/10/2024Space Data Standards and Formats – Conjunction Data Messages
02/20/2024DoD-DOC Space Traffic Coordination Ops Transition
12/19/2023TraCSS Data Standards and Formats


07/16/2024“Lets Talk Space Traffic Coordination” (July 2024)
A written recap of the Office of Space Commerce’s June 2024 “Space Traffic Coordination” public education campaign.
06/24/2024Space Industry Technical Standards Compendium
05/02/2024Recommendations on Owner/Operator Ephemeris Data Format for TraCSS
TraCSS proposes to use the format recommended by the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) orbit comprehensive message (OCM) ephemeris format as detailed in the CCSDS Orbit Data Messages (ODM) recommended standard.
04/08/2024Global SSA Coordination Vision
03/29/2024Recommendations on Conjunction Data Message Fields for TraCSS
Information on proposed conjunction data messages (CDM) fields in the CDM product that TraCSS will deliver for on-orbit conjunction assessment (CA). TraCSS will use the format recommended by the CCSDS CDM recommended standard 508.0.P1.0.1, with plans to modify as necessary to meet the needs of the SSA community.
01/2024Recommendations on Standards for Provision of SSA Data from TraCSS
A listing of identified and described SSA data types that will be provided by TraCSS to other SSA platforms and satellite operators. In addition, recommendations are provided for published standards to represent and transmit these data types out from TraCSS.
02/24/2023Public Comments on Basic SSA Services RFI