TraCSS Listening Session: DoD-DOC Space Traffic Coordination Ops Transition

On February 13, the Office of Space Commerce held a virtual listening session, with a specific focus on the operational transition of certain space situational awareness (SSA) and space traffic coordination (STC) responsibilities from the Department of Defense (DoD) to the Department of Commerce (DOC).

The majority of the session was dedicated to verbal feedback from attendees on considerations that DoD and DOC should account for in the operational transition of SSA/STC responsibilities.

Where applicable, the input offered during this listening session and submitted via email will inform operations transition planning and feed into DoD and DOC exchanges.

The Office of Space Commerce welcomes further stakeholder input and feedback on this listening session. Please direct comments to by 5:00 pm ET, February 27, 2024.

Topics covered included:

  • A brief overview of the SDA Partnership and Coalition Engagement (SPACE) Office, Space Delta 2, USSF;
  • A brief, high-level overview on the Traffic Coordination System for Space (TraCSS) and TraCSS Phase 1 planning;
  • Attendee feedback.

Handouts associated with this listening session:

Speakers included:

  • Christine Joseph, Policy Advisor, Office of Space Commerce, NOAA
  • Cynthia Wilson, SDA Partnership and Coalition Engagement (SPACE) Office, Space Delta 2, USSF

About TraCSS Listening Sessions:

The TraCSS listening sessions hosted by OSC are open meetings to provide the public and civil/commercial SSA community with the most up-to-date information about TraCSS. These sessions are an opportunity for stakeholders to offer and provide feedback to OSC.

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