OSC Announces Opportunity to Provide Commercial SSA Data Quality Monitoring Services

TraCSS logo in space above Earth with stylized orbits circling it

The Office of Space Commerce (OSC) announces an opportunity for commercial space situational awareness (SSA) companies to participate in OSC’s Consolidated Pathfinder project. Through its partnership with NASA, OSC is preparing to place a new order in the Global Data Marketplace to purchase SSA data quality monitoring services. Vendors will have until February 27 at 7:00 p.m. EST to provide proposals in response to OSC’s published requirements for the order.

To view the order requirements and submit a responding proposal, interested parties must be registered vendors in the Global Data Marketplace (globaldatamarketplace.com), an online transaction system established by the Department of Defense in partnership with BlueStaq. 

OSC plans to purchase SSA data quality monitoring services to assess the accuracy, consistency, and quality of orbital products provided by the other Consolidated Pathfinder partners – namely, COMSPOC, LeoLabs, and Slingshot Aerospace. Those three companies were previously announced as part of the Consolidated Pathfinder project in January 2024.

OSC advises that any company selected to provide data quality monitoring services for the Consolidated Pathfinder will become disqualified from competing for future orders/contracts for providing certain SSA data and services to OSC. Companies executing the data quality monitoring service will act as an independent evaluator and will have access to competition-sensitive, proprietary insights about the participating commercial data providers. The restriction on future orders/contracts will ensure that the selected service provider does not use its privileged position to gain unfair advantage.

The Consolidated Pathfinder is a limited-term effort that focuses on SSA for the low Earth orbit (LEO) regime. The Consolidated Pathfinder will inform OSC’s buildout of the operational Traffic Coordination System for Space (TraCSS). OSC is developing TraCSS as a modern, cloud-based IT system that will provide basic SSA and space traffic coordination services to commercial and civil space operators for spaceflight safety, space sustainability, and international coordination. OSC is steadily progressing on building out the TraCSS architecture, with multiple inputs and on-ramps for commercial data, services, software, and innovation. 

Learn more about TraCSS at space.commerce.gov/tracss