Listening Session on Licensing of Private Remote Sensing Space Systems

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On Thursday, July 25, at 2:00-4:00 p.m. EDT, OSC’s Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs (CRSRA) division will hold a virtual listening session to gather input regarding 15 C.F.R. part 960, Licensing of Private Remote Sensing Space Systems, and implementing practices.

This session will allow CRSRA to hear from the regulated community and the public regarding insights, challenges, concerns, and recommendations pertaining to U.S. commercial remote sensing regulations and their implementation, including during pre-application consultation, application and license issuance, license sustainment (e.g., license modification and annual certification periods), and license transfer and termination.

During the meeting, participants will be given the opportunity to offer verbal comments and feedback. CRSRA is also accepting written comments. In general, CRSRA anticipates hearing from the regulated community and the public about the following topics:

  • Challenges or concerns experienced by stakeholders in understanding or meeting the requirements of 15 CFR Part 960, the conditions of the license, and the implementation practices followed between pre-application consultation and license transfer or termination;
  • Recommendations for regulatory or implementation practice approaches or alternatives that could address any challenges or concerns, or that could continue to streamline 15 CFR Part 960; and
  • Recommendations to improve 15 CFR Part 960 and its implementation to address existing or emerging business plans or models, concepts of operations, or system configurations, or other trends in the private remote sensing industry.


The listening session will be hosted on the GoToWebinar platform.

Register to participate at

Please indicate if you wish to offer verbal comments. Speakers will only be selected among those who indicate their interest, and will be called upon in the order of registration. OSC will contact interested parties prior to the session to confirm their participation.

Participants are encouraged to login 15 minutes prior to the session start time.

Federal Register Notice

More details about this listening session, including background and specific feedback sought, are available in the Federal Register:

View announcement at

Comment Submission

Written comments, including those summarizing or elaborating upon spoken remarks, may be submitted up to 14 days following the meeting. Submit them via email to

For further information, contact Sarah Brothers, Director, Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs, 1401 Constitution Ave., NW, Room 31027, Washington, D.C., 20230,, (771) 216-4112.