Infographic of TraCSS Accomplishments – FY23 to Mid-FY24

Infographic of TraCSS Accomplishments – FY23 to Mid-FY24
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The Office of Space Commerce has released an infographic about its Traffic Coordination System for Space (TraCSS), the IT system it is developing to provide space situational awareness (SSA) information to the public.

The infographic provides a high-level summary of TraCSS program accomplishments from the beginning of Fiscal Year 2023 (October 2022) through mid-May 2024. The full text of the infographic is provided below.

TraCSS Accomplishments



  • RFI on scope of basic SSA services
  • Defined architecture
  • Cloud utility contract award (AWS, $1.2M)
  • RFI for system integrator
  • Commerce IT Review Board approval as a major IT system

FY24 (thru May)

  • Hosting agreement for primary ops center (Boulder)
  • Completed Agile training
  • Cloud provisioning for pathfinders
  • Milestone 2 Review Board & Deputy Secretary of Commerce Authority to Proceed
  • System integrator
  • Presentation layer/user interface
  • Beta users kickoff

Industry Partnership


DoD Collaboration


FY24 (thru May)

  • Machine-to-machine data transfer working group
  • DoD-DOC operations transition working group
  • Annex A (data transfer requirements) to DoD-DOC MOA

Policy & Personnel

Traffic Coordination System for Space, NOAA Office of Space Commerce, May 2024