Stakeholder Engagement Opt-In (Text Only)

This page provides the text of our Stakeholder Engagement Opt-In form for those who cannot access Google Forms. Please copy the questions below into an email and send it with your responses to

This form is for stakeholders (companies, non-profits, academia, government agencies, individuals) to express interest in engagement with the Office of Space Commerce (OSC). OSC conducts various types of outreach and engagement to inform our efforts to support the U.S. commercial space industry. With this form, you can opt in to some or all of them, based on your interests.

Do not enter proprietary information into this form. All responses collected will be solely for informational and planning purposes and will not be shared outside the U.S. government.

Please send any questions, comments, or feedback to


Name of organization/entity:

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(Optional) Is there anything else you wish to share so OSC can better tailor your engagement with our office, such entity type, size, mission, etc.?