Understanding the Commercial Space Ecosystem

  • Handbook for New Space Actors – The Secure World Foundation developed the Handbook for New Actors in Space, which is intended to provide nations, established satellite operators, start-up companies, universities, and other space actors with a broad overview of the fundamental principles, laws, norms, and best practices for peaceful, safe, and responsible activities in space. The Handbook is the result of a collaborative effort between SWF and experts from governments, satellite operators, academia, and civil society.
  • U.S. Space Economy Statistics (Bureau of Economy Analysis) – BEA is developing statistics measuring the contributions of space-related industries to the overall U.S. economy. These estimates give business leaders, policymakers, and the public a new tool to analyze the space economy and to inform investment decisions.
  • Space Security: Best Practices Guide (NASA) – The Space Security: Best Practices Guide (BPG) provides guidance on mission security implementation in the form of principles coupled with applicable controls that cover both the space vehicle and the ground segment. The BPG leverages security controls as defined in the National Institute of Standards and Technology.