President Macron, VP Harris Discuss Space Cooperation

Executive boardroom table full of people, including Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves (speaking/gesturing at center), French President Emmanuel Macron (right of Graves), NASA Administrator Bill Nelson (left of Graves), NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad (left of Nelson), and National Space Council Executive Secretary Chirag Parikh (2nd from left)
Deputy Secretary Don Graves (center) speaking at the roundtable

On November 30, during his State Visit to Washington, French President Emmanuel Macron met with Vice President Kamala Harris, Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad, and other top leaders to discuss U.S.-France space cooperation.

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French President Emmanuel Macron (seated, left) listens to Vice President Kamala Harris (seated, right) speaking with American flag and NASA Headquarters sign behind them
French President Emmanuel Macron listening to Vice President Kamala Harris

The meeting included a session focused on commercial space collaboration between the United States and France, organized by the Office of Space Commerce.

Deputy Secretary Graves briefed President Macron on the government-industry “Track 1.5” session held earlier this month in conjunction with the U.S.-France Comprehensive Space Dialogue. The Deputy Secretary explained the issues and challenges raised in Paris by both U.S. and French industry representatives.

Representatives from various U.S. commercial space firms presented their successful collaborations with French partner companies and discussed challenges faced while trying to create these partnerships.