ROK-U.S. Space Industry Symposium

NOAA Assistant Secretary Michael Morgan, MSIT Minister Jong-Ho Lee, and National Space Council Executive Secretary Chirag Parikh pose before a graphic backdrop reading “Space Industry Symposium” and featuring a standing astronaut looking up into space

On November 8, in Seoul, Republic of Korea (ROK), the Office of Space Commerce led a delegation of U.S. companies and government officials at the ROK-U.S. Space Industry Symposium.

The event, hosted by Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), explored ways to strengthen bilateral ties via B2B partnerships, consistent with direction given by Presidents Biden and Yoon. It complemented the November 6-7 ROK-U.S. Space Forum, which highlighted the various uses of space, by exploring how to collaborate in space business.

MSIT Minister Jong-Ho Lee, National Space Council Executive Secretary Chirag Parikh, and NOAA Assistant Secretary Michael Morgan gave opening remarks.

MSIT’s Ryan Sun Hak Cho and Jae-hyung Lee described Korea’s space governance and policies in support of space commerce. OSC’s Richard DalBello, DoD’s Travis Langster, and FAA’s Kelvin Coleman gave an overview of U.S. commercial space policies and regulations.

Four panels discussed opportunities and challenges for:

  • B2B space partnerships;
  • Government support of such partnerships;
  • Supply chain resilience; and
  • Commercial space exploration.

U.S. industry speakers included representatives of EOI Space, LeoLabs, L3Harris Technologies, Monitor Deloitte, Rocket Lab, Axiom Space, and Voyager Space.

The Office of Space Commerce also arranged exhibit booths for several U.S. companies: Kayhan Space, LeoLabs, COMSPOC, and Capella Space.

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The Office thanks MSIT for hosting this wonderful event, which capped off three consecutive days of bilateral activities during ROK-U.S. Space Week.