Vice President Harris Convenes Third National Space Council Meeting

Today, Vice President Kamala Harris convened the third meeting of the National Space Council under the Biden-Harris Administration.

Representing the Department of Commerce, Deputy Secretary Don Graves spoke about the Department’s key roles in weather and climate monitoring, space situational awareness, collaborative international partnerships, and sensible commercial space regulation. 

During the meeting, Vice President Harris announced the release of the “United States Novel Space Activities Authorization and Supervision Framework.” It is intended to set forth actions the Executive Branch will work to implement, which will be complementary to more comprehensive statutory authorities provided by legislation.

View the document at (PDF)

In addition, the National Space Council discussed a number of activities and tasks, summarized in a White House fact sheet on international space partnerships. Space commerce related items include:

  • Tasking to develop minimum cybersecurity standards for space systems;
  • Tasking to review U.S. space export controls;
  • Efforts by FAA to eliminate dual licensing of U.S. launch activities conducted in another country;
  • Plans for a space session at the 2024 SelectUSA Investment Summit;
  • Continued commercial space diplomacy efforts through bilateral and multilateral engagements;
  • Release of a NASA/DoD/DOC space manufacturing technology report (PDF).

View the fact sheet at (PDF)

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