White House Releases Moon-Mars Development Strategy

On July 23, the National Space Council released “A New Era for Deep Space Exploration and Development,” a strategy paper that supports an ambitious vision for human space exploration and development.

“The U.S. vision for space is one in which there is a sustainable human and robotic presence across the solar system, and where there is an expanding sphere of commercial, non-governmental activities, with increasing numbers of Americans living and working in space. This vision begins with a campaign to utilize Earth’s orbital environment, the surface of the Moon, and cis-lunar space to develop the critical technologies, operational capabilities, and commercial space economy necessary for a sustainable human presence on the Moon, Mars, and beyond.”

“Space development, including industrial-scale commercial activities, cannot be accomplished by the government alone. An internationally competitive U.S. commercial space sector is a foundational requirement for U.S. space leadership. Although government resources are necessary to establish space exploration beyond low-Earth orbit, its long-term sustainability is unlikely without the efficiencies and innovation of the private sector. As a result, the government will continue efforts to reform, streamline, and eliminate unnecessary regulatory burdens that may hinder U.S. space commerce in order to ensure that American companies can effectively compete in the global marketplace.”

View the strategy at archives.gov (PDF)