DOC Strategic Plan Prioritizes Space Commerce

U.S. Department of Commerce Strategic Plan | 2018-2022 | Helping the American Economy Grow

Yesterday, the Department of Commerce released its strategic plan for 2018-2022, reflecting Secretary Ross’s priorities for the Department.

Strategic Objective 1.1 of the plan is to “Expand Commercial Space Activities.” It includes the following strategies:

  • Expand the Office of Space Commerce.
    The Office of Space Commerce is the lead federal agency for the advancement of commercial space activities. It acts as an industry advocate within government, promoting commercial space opportunities, and coordinating space commerce policy issues within the Department while maintaining close cooperation with the National Space Council. We will elevate the Office of Space Commerce to have direct line of reporting to the Secretary, giving it a stronger voice to advocate for the U.S. commercial space industry
  • Actively participate in the National Space Council to advance American leadership in commercial space activities. Through close coordination with the commercial space sector, we will learn what government actions and policies are needed for the industry to flourish. We will promote a robust and responsive U.S. industry that is the world leader in space commerce.
  • Support American companies operating in space. We will focus on regulatory reform needed for the U.S. commercial space industry to lead human creativity and advancement in space, and remain the preferred destination for commercial space business activity.

View the DOC strategic plan (8.5 MB PDF, p. 6)

The Commerce Department also released its Fiscal Year 2019 budget request for the Office of Space Commerce. The President requests $1.8 million for the office.

View the budget request (8.1 MB PDF, p. 544)